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I hope this information facilitates your networking, helps you get involved in local politics, and encourages you to vote.

I should disclose to you that I am registered Democrat. But ultimately, the goal of my website is to build bridges, stimulate debate, and bring us together because the billionaire class has driven us apart. Just like you, I have felt helpless, frustrated, angry, and powerless to stop the changing political climate. However, I am confident that we can communicate, network, stimulate action, and bring positive political change together.

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Changing the world isn't easy, and it can't be done for free either.

Please view my video above for a full explanation of my campaign. I have begun an independent, non-partisan political news video YouTube channel located in Delaware County, PA. I am raising money to pay staff, train interns, and expand across the state so I can give video coverage of ethical, highly qualified, low funded candidates who are fighting lobbyists, corruption, and the political establishment.